We Take Care of Your eCommerce Strategy Across All Your Sales Channels

Successfully selling products online can be complex for brands. Trying it yourself is possible, but it’s a long learning curve and is often quite painful. THeCommerce is an eCommerce agency that works with you to provide a bespoke D2C strategy for your brand, aligned with all your other business activities.

The first step, namely to be present on Amazon, isn’t as tricky as you might think. If you don’t yet manage D2C sales yourself, you may already be active as a vendor on Amazon and know the pros (high revenue) and cons (low margin and undermining your regular price points).


Perhaps you’ve already decided to sell independently as an Amazon marketplace seller and already had your first attempts at D2C and an omnichannel strategy. And chances are, you’ve quickly realised that you can’t manage this as a side job, as successful D2C online commerce expertise can be perplexing and is only achievable to a limited amount. Profitability is still a long way off.

Only 50% of eCommerce Sales in Germany Are Through Amazon

  • Depending on your company location and business type, typically, between two and five – or even 20 – online marketplaces are relevant to your brand.
  • Running your own online shop isn’t easy, entails a lot of set-up effort and is incredibly expensive to advertise.
  • Simply listing the goods is an exhausting process, especially if you want to maintain the necessary attributes together with the platform’s attributes, which massively increases your online presence and, thus, sales success.
  • Consider the other activities of your brand, as you don’t want your eCommerce activities disturbing the traditional trade channels.
  • All of this will work efficiently in your home market, Germany, the rest of Europe – or even worldwide.
  • Last but not least, organise everything sustainably and profitably.

At the start of your partnership with THeCommerce, our eCommerce specialists will show you various ways to coordinate D2C sales across all channels. In one of our small workshops, you’ll learn what’s possible and how to sell successfully online.


At THeCommerce, we live by the following principles and make sure you always have the final say in terms of:

  • Appearance
  • Price
  • Range

And we do all this without violating relevant Cartel Law regulations in Europe.


Unlike a traditional merchant, THeCommerce isn’t your supplier. We’re your D2C partner and service provider that, thanks to more than 20 years of eCommerce experience, will help you accomplish your D2C goals.


We’d love to answer any further questions you may have in an initial, no-obligation meeting Alternatively, you can find detailed answers on our Q&A page.