We Present Your Product Ranges on All Relevant Online Marketplaces, Your Home Market, Germany, Europe and Across the World.

Already a supplier working with marketplaces such as Amazon? Then you may have discovered that you have little or no influence on the range, presentation and, above all, the price.

In addition to your online shop, your products should have a uniform presence on all the online marketplaces. In Germany alone, non-fashion marketplaces to sell your products online include Amazon, eBay, Otto, and Kaufland, whilst fashion e-commerce marketplaces include Zalando and About You, to name just a few.


For specific products, there are more than 120 additional, often niche, marketplaces, which may not have a high market share in total but could be indispensable for your specific products.


Seventy per cent of all German online sales in the consumer sector take place on marketplace online shopping platforms, but in other countries, the share may be higher or sometimes slightly lower. If you aren’t yet present on these online marketplaces and only supply indirectly or through distributors, you could fall behind your competitors and lose market share in the long run.


Having an international perspective is also critical. Outside Germany, the most relevant, largest online marketplaces include: Allegro (Poland), bol.com (Netherlands), cDiscount (France), eMAG (Romania), Galaxus (Switzerland)


There are numerous others you may never have heard of, some being market leaders in their home countries far ahead of the global eCommerce groups and are, therefore, essential for your D2C activities. If you sell to the UK, the USA or Asia, again, selling on different, relevant platforms that are completely different to global players, such as Amazon and eBay, is key for successful D2C eCommerce.

Selling on the Top eCommerce Marketplaces Entails Optimising Your Items for Each Platform, Including:/h4>

  • Optimising an item’s title (length) for the marketplace search engine.
  • Short, concise item description.
  • Clear, friendly product descriptions that tell a story.
  • The most appropriate filtering function in the marketplace search engine.
  • Supporting marketing to achieve a good ranking.
  • • Campaign participation, newsletter advertising and other marketplace promotions.

Deciding the Ranking of Your Products on All Marketplaces and Their Presence in the So-Called Buy Box

To achieve this, the key factors are usually:


  • Price point (compared to other sellers).
  • The service levels of your seller account.
  • Customer testimonials about the products.

Typically, a marketplace only shows top or best sellers of your range if you don’t influence it yourself and act as a marketplace supplier or supply via third-party distributors.


Show more, or better still, show the whole range and benefit from cross-selling sales tactics and brand building which, as a result, enables you to sell better overall.


We’d love to answer any further questions you may have in an initial, no-obligation meeting Alternatively, you can find detailed answers on our Q&A page.